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From: A very satisfied client

"I lost my Green Card last year as I was returning back from my home country. This had not caused any problems until the time came for me to apply for a job. Although I was a permanent resident, the employers required that I provide them with the physical proof that I was a permanent resident. I was very anxious because I realized that I needed to finally renew my card. That's when I reached out to Franca Jalloh. I must admit that if it wasn't for her support and her tenacity, I would not have been able to continue on with my job procedure. In fact, working with her made the renewal process very smooth. She filled the application form with me, followed up with me, and even made the trip to the immigration bureau (USCIS) with me when I got called in. I am extremely grateful for her professionalism and her assistance and devotion to her clients. I am currently employed and have since recieved my Green Card in the mail."


From: SM

"I want to give Franca Jalloh my most appreciated thanks for helping my wife and I in our administrative procedure concerning living together. I used to travel several times between Paris, France, and Greensboro, NC, where my wife lives. My wife and I didn't realize that there was a procedure that we could follow which could help us live together in the U.S. instead of traveling. Since we met Franca, she not only took our case perfectly in the way that it should; she was already ready to help us. Thank you, Franca, for accepting our case and not leaving it until everything went through. Wish I could say a lot more. All I can say is THANK YOU Mrs. Franca Jalloh!"

From: Happy Customer

"Franca was referred to me by a friend. I really liked that I was not overwhelmed with my Green Card paperwork and the process was effortless on my part. Franca is very organized, up-to-date, and efficient. This was a very positive experience and I will certainly recommend Franca's immigration services to others."


“Franca is really helping me and I don’t know how I would manage without her. She is very trustworthy.”


From: --

“JUS-NC is second to none as a trust-worthy community non-profit organization. When we come here we always feel welcomed and that we are equal. The treatment is phenomenal, particular working with Ms. Franca Jalloh and her devoted staff. They are very knowledgeable, caring and competent. We are happy to have Ms. Jalloh because she is one of us as an immigrant herself, and makes us feel at home. She works with people who cannot speak English, but she is welcoming to everyone. The entire staff is phenomenal. I do not hesitate to recommend, not only Africans, but the enter refugee and immigrant population. I recommend any assistance to the organization. Franca is just like my sister and I feel so comfortable working with her. My recommendation also comes as the Former Chairman of the Liberian Association from 2002-2008."


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  • Barbaro H. Turcaz Duran (Sunday, March 19 17 01:14 pm EDT)

    As a Cuban refugee, after 5 years I was faced with the difficulty of obtaining my citizenship. Ms. Jalloh and her team work diligently to resolve my situation and in 2015 I became a US citizen. Thank you Ms. Franca

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